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150 Day Aged Habanero HOT Sauce

150 Day Aged Habanero HOT Sauce

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Currently unavailable - we are currently in the midst of changing to a fermentation friendly packaging! Please check back later or send us a WhatsApp (bottom right) to be informed when it's ready ;)

We took Habanero chilli, one of the world's spiciest chilli, and lacto-fermented it alongside other chillis and herbs for a full 150 days to create this magnificent shiok sauce that you'll love and hate.

You'll love the fresh fruitiness and the undeniable fragrance unique to Habanero, and how lacto-fermentation has tapered down its unbearable spiciness and melded it with fresh garlic, onions, and apples to give it body, natural sweetness, and sourness (no vinegar shortcuts here, all the sourness you taste is 100% from slow aging of this probiotic hot sauce).

You'll hate how concentrated and spicy it is. How your soul and mind really wants to lap this hot sauce up by the spoonfuls, but your mouth, tongue, and gut is crying "no, no!" (OK, mine does!).

The silver lining to this uber spicy concentrated hot sauce, of course, is that a little goes a long way! This seemingly small 250ml will fire up and transform an incredible number of meals. (As a general guide, a peanut sized amount or two is enough to fire up an entire meal). 

This concentrated HOT sauce can also be mixed with mayonnaise, lemon/lime juice, vinegar, sesame oil, bbq sauce, soy sauce, cream cheese to create a deliciously spicy dipping sauce. 

We're sure that the taste of this Fermented Habanero HOT Sauce is enough to fire you up, but here's the icing on the cake: this hot sauce is 100% plant-based, and has no added sweeteners, preservatives, thickeners or fillers. Just fresh herbs, fruit, water and salt. And because the sauce is slowly fermented for 150 days, it is naturally rich in probiotics, just how cool, I mean HOT, is that? ;-)

Store in fridge for 3+ months*. As this is a naturally fermented product with no added preservatives, its taste will transform as it ages (a little less spicy, a little more sour and a lot more fragrant). Some bubbling of the sauce may occur from time to time due to fermentation activity. Please exercise extreme caution when dispensing and consuming this HOT sauce. Do not shake bottle. Face away when opening bottle.  

*Hot sauce can be left at room temperature for about 12-24 hours, making it ideal for gifting. Warm temperatures speed up fermentation, and can cause sauce to bubble/behave like a volcano. Burp carefully and exercise extreme caution when dispensing hot sauce after it has been left at room temperature. 

Ingredients: chilli, garlic, onion, apple, water, salt.

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