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Kimchi Pairing Tips

From time of purchase to 1 month

Your tub of Wanting Kimchi has been lovingly handmade, so that you can enjoy the full range of flavours in the coming days, weeks or even months. Keep your kimchi refrigerated between 2 to 4 degrees celcius.

Best eaten on its own, alongside ramyeon/instant noodles or short grain rice. Not cooking? Why not think out of the box and pair Wanting Kimchi's kimchi with chicken rice (so you get your veggies :P), mixed vegetables rice aka Singaporean bibimbap, ban mian, bee hoon goreng, salad, bah kut teh, and so on.

Tasting notes: crunchy & spicy

Your fresh tub of Wanting Kimchi is best eaten on its own or with a bowl of steaming short-grain rice.There's nothing quite like a serving of fresh Wanting Kimchi's kimchi with a bowl of steaming short grain rice.

Wanting Kimchi with bibimbap
Another classic way to enjoy your Wanting Kimchi kimchi is with Korean mixed rice, bibimbap. Or mix it up a little and create your own Singaporean bibimbap with our ubiquitous mixed vegetable rice/cai fan rice?

One month & beyond

Frankly, we are disappointed that you have not finished your kimchi :) but life happens, and when life gives you aged kimchi, you make... kimchi stew! 

Take advantage of the full-on flavour and sharpness of aged kimchi and cook with it. Think classics like kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae), pancakes, fried rice, or gather a bunch of friends over an army stew hotpot.

Not a fan of fancy cooking (or clean ups)? Just substitute the MSG-laden instant noodle seasoning (or in addition to, we don't judge) for a serving of aged Wanting Kimchi's kimchi for your next bowl of ramen.

Tasting notes: sour, full-bodied and complex flavour