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Wild Fermented Lemonade with Kombu (Concentrate)

Wild Fermented Lemonade with Kombu (Concentrate)

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Each 300ml concentrate makes 1.5 litres of lemonade.

A ridiculously delicious, probiotic-rich drink that has had a cult following despite only being sold at our recent Takashimaya pop-up.

Please do not drink this unless you want:

  • An insanely delicious and fragrant lemonade that’s low in sugar

  • A super-charged boost to your digestion and overall wellbeing 

  • A clever trick to get you or your pesky fam to drink more water

Serve chilled with still or sparkling water (we like sparkling) at 1:4 ratio. Keep refrigerated and burp before shaking.

Ingredients: Lemon, sugar, ginger, kombu. 

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