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Mayak Quail Eggs Banchan

Mayak Quail Eggs Banchan

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Our banchan is now vacuumed packed in bag for:

• freshness: less air in the packaging + better marination 
• neatness: chances of leakage are greatly reduced
• sustainability: less packaging used = lower carbon footprint = 💚

'Mayak' in Korean means illicit drugs, and whilst there's nothing illegal about these eggs, they are soooooo addictive that they absolutely should be outlawed! Think tasty hard boiled quail/chicken eggs marinated in umami goodness that's the perfect harmony of sweet, salty and spice. Enjoy with sesame oil and consume within 4-5 days of delivery.

Ingredients: Quail eggs, water, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, sesame seeds, spring onions, chilli. 


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