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Refreshing Cucumber Kimchi

Refreshing Cucumber Kimchi

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Light, refreshing and hydrating, our cucumber kimchi promises to be your new favourite kimchi! Goes with everything! In a salad, with a heavy noodle/rice dish, tossed with cold noodles or on its own. Enjoy this kimchi within a week or two for maximum crunch.

Artisanal, handmade MSG-free kimchi, created from scratch with the freshest, quality produce. Naturally rich in antioxidants and probiotics. Ridiculously healthy but it's the taste that will knock your socks off! Low in salt with no added sugar, MSG, preservatives or colouring! 

Ingredients: Cucumber, chives, chilli, garlic, ginger, glutinous rice, water, salt, sesame seeds, fish, radish, shrimp, honey, kelp, mushroom. 

The Wanting Kimchi difference

1. *Type of cucumber: We use a particular variety of cucumber, which has thinner skin, tastes less bitter, and in our opinion generally more delicious.

2. How it's cut: Instead of cutting it into short halves and seasoning it, we make slits in the cucumber and stuff the seasoning inside, which helps the cucumber stay seasoned and crunchy for longer! This process takes way longer so we can't make as many tubs as we would like. 

3. When it's made: We make your kimchi the night before delivery so that it's well seasoned and still crunchy when it arrives, giving you the longest possible shelf life for crunchy, yummy Cucumber Kimchi! 

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