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Army/Kimchi Stew

Army/Kimchi Stew

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Who can resist a hearty, bubbling pot of Army/Kimchi Stew on a rainy day / when bingeing on Netflix / when you want to eat well with minimal effort? Us too! Just throw in a few ingredients from the supermarket and you can enjoy restaurant-quality Army Stew or Kimchi Stew right at home!

The products makes for a great MSG-free seasoning alternative for ramyeon/instant noodles as well!

  • ARMY Stew seasoning set for 2-3 pax comprising of:

    • Top Secret Stew Base 200g
    • Signature Aged Cabbage Kimchi 200g  

  • KIMCHI Stew seasoning set (makes 2 bowls of stew) comparising of:

    • Top Secret Stew Base 200g
    • Signature Aged Cabbage Kimchi 550g  

Our top secret stew base and aged signature cabbage kimchi are handmade from scratch with minimal salt, sugar and has no added MSG. Contains fish and shrimp products.

All items will be delivered chilled in a cooler bag and should be refrigerated immediately upon receipt. The stew base will keep for 3 weeks and can be frozen to extend its shelf life.

[CLASSIFIED] Wanting Kimchi's ARMY Stew Instruction Manual 

  1. Get the platoon aka assorted vegetables, fish/meat products, ricecakes, baked beans, cheese and ramyeon* to fall in(to) a shallow pot.

    *PRO TIP: add ramyeon LAST (i.e after the stew has boiled) for al-dente noodles.

  2. Position the Aged Cabbage Kimchi and about 70% of Top Secret Army Stew Base in the centre of the parade square/pot.

  3. Add 750ml of water, bring to boil. Stir gently to combine base and kimchi with the bubbling liquid.

  4. Taste and add reserve Top Secret Army Stew Base as required. It is normal that the stew will taste slightly bland at the start.

    Use remaining reserve stew base when topping up stew with water - so that every sip of your Army Stew is rich and flavourful from start to finish) - or keep as an umami seasoning paste (freezable) for future dishes.

  5. Enjoy!

[CLASSIFIED] Wanting Kimchi's KIMCHI Stew Instruction Manual 

    1. Combine 550g of Aged Signature Whole Leaf Kimchi and seasoning base with 800ml of water. Cut kimchi into bite-size pieces if desired.

    2. Bring to boil and let simmer for 15-20mins. Add more water if required. 

    3. Add other ingredients such as meat, canned tuna, tofu, golden mushrooms. Simmer till ingredients are cooked.

    4. Enjoy!

  1. *PRO TIP: halve the recipe to make just one bowl of Kimchi Stew!

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